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Ok so I had to pick a winner for this. Lots of guesses about something to do with a piano, but the noise was created by overdubbing every single note on an electric guitar. So I played open 6th string, then overdubbed first fret 6th string, second fret… and so on, all the way up to the 22nd fret. And then did it on the rest of the strings.

It was extremely hard to choose (some of the answers were frickin hilarious), it looks like I may have picked a winner. So congrats to Hugo from Brazil for this outstanding effort! I’ve also given a consolation prize (copy of the new album) to L.E. from Brisbane for her awesome effort too.

Both answers are below! :)

Hugo -

"It was a sunny friday and the gods had smiled at me right at the moment of the sunrise, but I was challenged with a divine mistery - a question descended from the heavens all the way to these hot lands of Rio de Janeiro: “how did Mike achieve this sound? What is this sound? Is it a combination of sounds? What is going on?”
Here is my journey throughout the maze of the mind and its winding ways to find the truth about the mysterious sound.

Many shall try to discover, but none shall succeed.

The mistery of that strange sound, an enigma to be solved.
A friend of mine said: “You’re crazy, man!” and I agreed
But I had to do it, for without this answer my mind wouldn’t have ever evolved.
Of many things I had thought: “Is it a piano? Is it a cow? Is it a bull?”
But my girlfriend, who was helping me, said :”You and I are both losing the point”
And I felt lost; no thoughts to guide me, like I had no brain inside my skull,
But she comforted me, saying: “Honey, do whatever makes you feel a bit superior”.
Then I had to change my viewpoint.
The thing with me is that I never give up.
Looking for tips, I travelled far away, to ask the help of a mad wise man.
When I arrived at his cave in the middle of the desert, he said: “sup”.
I explained the whole situation to him and showed him Toehider;
He resisted, and it was difficult not to become a fan.
"What kind of creature am I?" said the wise man deeply distressed,
Who proved himself not wise enough, for he didn’t know the origin of that sound.
"Smash it out, dude, throw it away" he told me, while looking at the CD I possessed.
He thought this kind of sound was not of the deeds of gods, but of the devils.
Scared as hell, he told me to leave his cave, for he didn’t want to be spellbound.
Devastated, I was definitely not spoilt for choice, for I had no answer to choose…
What could really make me feel better at this moment?
A voice came to my mind and said: “BOOZE!”
Whoa! That was exactly what I needed when I was almost giving up.
Immediately after this enlightened second, to the bar I went.
Feeling even more like a loser after a couple of beers, I came to the conclusion
That only under the future I could bury this moment, a future past,
So I lived my life ordinarily, back to the routine again, feeding the delusion
That everything was alright, and that I hadn’t failed at the divine enigma,
I just wasn’t made for doing things so fast.
Yes, my friends, meet the sloth, here I am.
My nature wasn’t the one of the hero who beats all his foes
But of a skinny lazy man,
Who wanders through the many lanes of life slowly, at his pace,
Feeling the beautiful Earth with all his toes.
Then one day, many many years after these dramatic days,
While walking down the street to get some donuts, I saw a creature
Making a familiar noise, a very unique sound, that shocked me in many ways.
I had now, when I least expected, solved the enigma:
That sound was the chant of a rare creature, the infamous Geese Lycan.
The heavenly choirs of Michael Mills then sang to me
And I could, finally, move on with my life.
No more worries nor rhymes,
I was freed from everything.
L.E. -


To celebrate the release of the new Toehider album “What Kind of Creature Am I?”, we’re giving you a chance to win this good-as-heck prize pack!

This pack contains - 

  • SWEET copy of the new album
  • GOOD A2 full colour poster
  • NICE WKOCAI shirt
  • AWESOME copies of the Toehider back catalog (The First Six, The Last Six, To Hide Her)
  • COOL original first draft of “What Kind of Creature Am I?” lyrics
  • FUN original SaltySharpieSketch of Toehead with the creature
  • CUTE Toehider picks

To enter, do this

  • head to http://toehider.bandcamp.com/album/what-kind-of-creature-am-i
  • Play track 1 (You and I Both Lose, But 5 wins) and listen to the strange sound right before the song starts
  • Ask yourself “how did Mike achieve this sound? What is this sound? Is it a combination of sounds? What is going on?”
  • Write your answer in an email to toehider@toehider.com
  • The first correct, or most unique, answer wins!!



I'm digging the new album! Great job guys! I would be very interested in learning how to play the intro mandolin bit to Meet the Sloth. I was wondering if Mike could do a proper walkthrough of that part? I know it's in Mikes Pretty Good Videos, but the camera angle isn't very helpful. Much appreciated :D Again, LOVE the new album.

- Asked by szteto

Hello! :)

My bouzouki playing is a bit screwed up in the sense that I play left handed, but leave the bouzouki strung right-handed. So if I show you the shapes I’m using, you’d have to re-flip the shapes around again to play it :(

The cool thing is though, is that when flipped, it kinda mirrors the heavy 4 strings of a normal guitar using “standard tuning”. The octaves are a little screwed up, but that just adds to the cool sounding voicings! :)


Props to Toehider, all the music and specifically to Mike's very impressive vocals. The high notes are so strong and the transitions so smooth that I often can't tell if I'm hearing chest voice or falsetto. Hence my question: where does the one register end and the other begin? Or alternatively, what is the highest (recorded) note you can sing in chest voice?

- Asked by Anonymous

Sorry, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not sure about all this stuff. On the Wuthering Heights video, there are comments with people arguing over what they think is going on with my voice, but I’m not a trained singer so I don’t really know what’s going on. I can seamlessly make a “whoaaa” sound from low to high without any noticeable crackles or tone change, but I’m not sure exactly what that means. If I make an “eeee” sound, there is a spot in my voice that cracks (around a Bb or a B) and it’s incredibly difficult to sing with those kinds of vowel sounds around those notes. A little higher though, and it seems to smooth out again. 
:( Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! 




【What Kind of Creature Am I?】

①Your new album”What Kind Of Creature Am I? ” has just released. How is the reaction?

  • Mike Mills-The response has been incredible! I didn’t realise that there was this much interest in Toehider! It’s very fun, I’m getting really nice emails and messages from…


Behold, the new album!!


This comes out in 2 days!!!
Go preorder (or regular order, depending on when you’re reading this) at toehider.bandcamp.com

We’re heading out with some sick bands this month! New album “What Kind of Creature Am I?” drops next week!http://toehider.bandcamp.com

We’re heading out with some sick bands this month! New album “What Kind of Creature Am I?” drops next week!


What Kind Of Creature Am I?, by Toehider

Preorder the new album here! Limited opportunity to get stuff signed, package deals with the rest of the Toehider discography etc….
Release date is July 11!


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What Kind of Creature Am I?

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